Read email newsletters on your schedule, not theirs.

Email newsletters are a great way to keep up-to-date with your favorite blogs and content creators. However, they often arrive at awkward times when you don't have the time to read them.

When that happens, you can either choose to read it there and then, killing your productivity, or you can choose to read it later, risking forgetting all about it. Not to mention newsletters tend to clog up your inbox which is full of other important emails that need your attention.

LaterMail solves this problem by giving your newsletter emails a dedicated space, to be read at your conveneince, whenever your schedule allows. Think of it like an RSS feed for newsletter emails, wrapped in a nice, easy to use, cross platform app.

How does LaterMail work?

Get started with three simple steps.

  • 1. When you sign up, LaterMail generates a unique email address for your account.
  • 2. Send or forward newsletter emails to your unique email address.
  • 3. Emails are collected in LaterMail for you to read at your convenience.

Got a Question? We’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I forward my newsletters to LaterMail?

Most email providers offer a way to set up rule-based forwarding. See instructions for Gmail, Outlook and Fastmail.

What email newsletter services does LaterMail support?

LaterMail supports all kinds of emails and email serices. Free newsletters, paid newsletters, sent from Mailchimp, ConvertKit, SubStack. It doesn't matter, we support them all.

Is LaterMail free?

No, LaterMail is a paid service with a 14-day free trial. I'm an indie developer and LaterMail costs money to run (servers, domains, email processing, etc). In return, I ask for a small monthly ($5) or annual ($29) fee to help keep the lights on.